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A Partnership With Tedwomen

This fall, #ActuallySheCan in partnership with TEDWomen highlighted the importance of having and being a mentor. The campaign kicked off with a luncheon for TEDWomen 2016 conference attendees, and later brought the conversation to even more women through "#ActuallySheCan Mentorship Live."

The Luncheon

"The Power of Female Mentorship" luncheon was hosted by #ActuallySheCan in partnership with TEDWomen 2016. The luncheon brought together influential thought leaders across a variety of industries to speak about the role that mentorship plays in lifting up the next generation of professional women. Photography by Stacie McChesney/TED.

#ActuallySheCan Mentorship Live

Together, #ActuallySheCan in partnership with TEDWomen hosted "#ActuallySheCan Mentorship Live" to bring mentorship to a wide network of millennial women through a panel discussion called "#ActuallySheCan and the Power of Female Mentorship." A speed mentoring session followed, which allowed young women attendees to engage with and seek advice from TEDWomen 2016 attendees.

In Conversation with TEDWomen

We spoke to five inspiring women — CEOs, founders, trailblazers and leaders — to talk about the power of mentorship in their lives, what makes the relationship so unique, and what mentorship can do for young women. Hear their stories below.

The Power of Female Mentorship was produced in partnership with TEDWomen for #ActuallySheCan.

The views expressed by the women in these videos are their own, and do not necessarily represent the views of the institutions with which they are affiliated. The inclusion of these videos here does not imply an affiliation with or endorsement of Allergan by the women or the institutions with which they are affiliated.

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