We’ve all been there. The invite sounds awesome, but when the moment actually rolls around, sometimes it’s a major challenge to follow through. Here are three tips to help you rain check the right way.

Tell the truth
An obvious, but effective plan. Next time you find yourself launching into a long saga about your sick cat, try simply telling the truth instead. Keep it short and sweet. You’ll feel better, and your friends will appreciate your honesty (even if they’re bummed that you’re bailing initially).

Reschedule... and stick to it
Okay so you can’t make it this time. Rain check for a later date and don’t flake out! Text your friend a few days before the rescheduled date to confirm the plans and take it upon yourself to make any necessary reservations or arrangements.

Stop the problem before it occurs
If you find yourself constantly having to bail on plans, you may have a bigger problem—overcommitment! It’s okay to want some me-time now and then. Let yourself feel comfortable using “no thank you” as a complete sentence. Saying yes in order to people-please is never a good idea.