Meditation is the perfect natural antidote to stress. But stressing out about whether you’re doing it “right” defeats the purpose. Use these four simple tips to find your zen:

Use your tools
Having trouble staying focused? Not sure what to think about? Good news... your phone can sometimes actually help you calm down and stay present! There are a million podcasts and apps to lead you through an awesome meditation for however long you want and for whatever you’re feeling.

Find inspiration anywhere you don’t have time to sit in a quiet space? Or you can’t find one? Close your eyes for 60 seconds wherever you are (unless operating heavy machinery). On the bus, the subway, at your desk, in line at the grocery store, waiting for spin class to start...anywhere. Now breathe, get rooted, and get back out there.

Give yourself a minute
Don’t have an hour to sit quietly? Good! You have a life and things to do and people to see! Set a timer for 1 minute. Find a comfortable position. Close your eyes. Breathe. Let good thoughts flow through your head. That’s it. You will feel better than a minute ago guaranteed. Trust that your meditation time will increase naturally, because your mind will learn to crave the peace rather than the chatter.

Accept imperfections
Meditation is known as a practice because you’re always learning; but it’s important to understand that it’s not something you can perfect. Make up your own rules. This is YOUR time to chill out. Light a candle, play a song, chant your own soothing mantra. Whatever gives you peace of mind is what you should be doing.