Having one best friend is great when you’re younger. But as we grow, graduate, move cities and switch jobs our lives become more complicated and our friend groups do too. Eventually, the idea of a “best” friend begins to evolve. With that in mind, here are four best friends with benefits (not those kind of benefits) who can help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

The work best friend
This is the friend who helps you navigate the challenges, frustrations, long meetings and conference calls at work. A friend who not only celebrates the successes, but understand the struggles, too. A friend to eat lunch with (we can’t stress how important that can be!). That friend is your work best friend. Once you’ve found them, you’ll also find that work feels a lot less like work when you have a good friend around.

The healthy best friend
This is the friend who inspires you to eat kale when you really want to eat cookies. The friend who gets you to go to the gym on Saturday morning. And the friend who prefers fresh air over Friday night french fries. Yes, this friend can sometimes drive you crazy, but hey—that's what friends are for.

The festive best friend
This friend inspires you to go out and have some fun! She is full of positivity and always has something up her sleeve. This friend is quick to include you in her elaborate social plans and she always knows the trendy hot-spots for brunching, dancing and generally doing-it-up. Never more than a text away, this friend brings the fun to any occasion.

The childhood best friend
This is the friend you’ve known forever. The one who keeps you honest and makes you feel loved. This friend is there for you no matter the time or occasion. They are there when you need a laugh, when you need a hug, or when you just want to vent about your mom. And let’s face it, we all need that from time-to-time.